Parent and Player Expectations

Parent Expectations

Very few youth programs are successful without the support of parents. Texas Legacy Volleyball Club wants each of our players to have a positive experience and get the most out of their season. Below you will find some guidelines that may help you be supportive of your daughter.

  1. Focus on supporting your child’s mastery of volleyball skills, strategy, and self-development. Competitive ranking focuses on winning and losing, which is outside of an individual athlete’s control. Volleyball is a TEAM sport and allows your athlete to develop life-long values and self-respect.
  2. Try to stay positive and keep negative emotions away. No one wants to perform poorly. If you react negatively, it can add to the pressure and make it harder for the athlete to shake off mistakes. Try to avoid negative talks after a bad practice or an off day at a tournament. Athletes are typically hard enough on themselves, without parents adding their thoughts. If you wish to discuss their performance, wait 24-48 hours, when the emotion is gone. Try not to confuse support with constantly reminding the athlete that they need to focus, practice more, and condition.
  3. Show respect for other players, parents, opponents, officials, and the program. Please keep in mind these young ladies have feelings and when hearing negativity from another adult, it can be devastating. The same goes for parents. Please consider how you would feel if parents were talking about your child. Good sportsmanship does not only apply to your child on the court, parents should be setting an example as well. Please refrain from arguing or questioning an official. It is their job to use their best judgment when making a call. As a coach, if we do not agree, we will handle the situation appropriately. You are representing your daughter and our club at these events and we will not tolerate any kind of disrespect.
  4. Understand and respect the differences in roles between parents and coaches. When you decide to join the Texas Legacy Family, you trust that we have provided you with a coach that has your daughter’s best interest in mind. Please avoid coaching “over the shoulder” of the coach and publicly questioning coaching decisions. In most situations, the parent will perceive something completely different than what has actually happened on the court.
  5. If a problem arises, please notify the Head Coach first, not the Club Director. Please wait a minimum of 24 hours after an incident before contacting the coach to express your concerns. Under NO circumstances shall a parent approach a coach during competition or when other players or parents are present. The parent, player, and coach will often resolve the conflict and learn from the experience. If the parent and coach cannot resolve the issue, contact the Club Director or Assistant Director.
  6. Parents are invited to participate in officiating/score keeping clinics and assist with team activities. Each team will need at least 1-2 team moms for the season. Team moms will help with group travel arrangements (booking group flights, van rentals), team dinners, team shirts, any extra-curricular activity as a team, and may help coach with team correspondence.
  7. Last, but NOT least…please assure your player arrives/picked up on time for practice and tournaments. If there is an emergency, please contact your coach and the Club Director or Assistant Director.

Player Expectations

1.Be a team player. Always show respect for your teammates and coaches.
2.Be coachable and accept feedback from the coaches.
3.Try to always have a positive attitude.
4.Understand playing time will not be equal and is earned by hard work, performance, and attitude.
5.Work hard at every practice. Know that if you are better than your teammates but are not working hard, you will not play.
6.Be ON TIME to practices and tournaments and remain for the duration of all events.
7.Communicate with your coaches ahead of time about absences, expected tardiness, concerns, or anything that will affect your teams practice plans.
8.Be on your best behavior at all times. Inappropriate language and disrespect for others will not be tolerated.
9.Only positive and supportive comments should be made about the club, team, or other teams on social media sites.
10.Understand that club volleyball is a big commitment and make practices, tournaments, and team events a priority.
11.Always focus on effort, team, and attitude, not wins and losses. Celebrate every great play and brush off lost points.
12.Have FUN and enjoy the game.